Finishing line for printing self-adhesive labels
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Very short setup time and minimal waste for an optimal productivity for short and medium runs
Only one sensor to adjust for the complete, no loss of register when line stops and a flat paper feed = Min. waste and fast setup.

High productivity also for long runs
50 m/min in semi rotary mode, 18.000 imp./h with relief foil stamping and 7.000 imp./h or 35 m/min with silk-screen printing.

User friendly and safe
Independent control panels on each unit and standardized commands for ease of use and time savings. CE Safety protection to guarantee security while maintaining excellent visual and manual accessibility.

Embossed foil stamping – the best in its class for 350 mm width
90° swivel foil stamping head, over 65 tons pressure, hologram application and speed up to 18.000 imp./h. Automatic pressure search, electronical display and control of pressure for perfect repeatability and very quick settings.Perfect foil handling of any size of foil rolls thanks to dancing rollers with foil saving program for 1 or 3 inches foil reels up to 2.000 m.Flat embossing or foil stamping tools prepared outside of the machine and inserted without cutting the paper. Massive 2,5 tons module for perfect stability and fast setup.

Flat silk-screen printing – the reference
High productivity: up to 7.000 imp./h or 35 m/min. Servo-driven squeegee and flood coater with precise movement on 2 high precision rails. Uniform and constant pressure during the run, easily adjustable to optimize results for thin texts and wide surfaces. Square screens to reduce by up to 75% the number of screens used and the preparation time. High power UV dryer, with inverter adjustment for reduced energy expenditure and longer wear life of the UV lamps.

Quick and precise setup of the semi rotary die cutting module with any of your current die cutting tools thanks to the magnetic cylinder, micrometric AIR GAP regulation and cutting length adjustment from control panel. Thickness up to 2 mm.

Perfect Register thanks to accurate paper feed pull and tension adjustment with servomotor.

Auto-register = Perfect and simultaneous adjustment of each module to the possible printing/scaling dimensional differences for each label.

A modular and evolutive solution Off line or In line
Sequence of modules can be customized based on your needs and line can later be upgraded with additional modules if needed. Possibility to integrate "IN LINE" high speed embossing/foil stamping modules or silk-screen printing modules in an offset or digital printing line.

Research&Development with advanced technological innovations like the new label registered application group.

The best Performance/Price ratio – Come test our machines
High percentage or parts manufactured in house and high quality electronical components for the highest quality. Competitive equipment prices to give you the best quality at reasonable price. Use of low cost flat tools to maximize your profits thanks to economical and easily reusable flat foil stamping and embossing dies and screens. People with a passion for their job and proud of their machines who also love to share their passion for their region and their food.

Guaranteed performance for our European customers
Equipment designed and manufactured 100% in Vigevano (near Milan) with very sturdy structure and fast/easy maintenance. Remote diagnosis and maintenance with Hot Line/most parts and technicians available next day if necessary.

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